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November 2010

Let’s go home

It's almost time to go..

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Hello guys and welcome to our travel blog!

So as you will know by now, we have decided to make the move from Abu Dhabi back to sunny Scotland. We have been living in the desert for almost 3 years- and although our time here has had it's ups and downs, we'll definately always remember the good times!!


As lovely (and bloody freezing- I still can't believe you have snow already!) as it would have been to be back in Scotland for Christmas for the first time since we made the move to the desert, we’ve decided to take the long way home.. which should take around 3 months, leaving on December 22nd 2010.

Our plan, for now, is: Abu Dhabi-> Maldives-> Sri Lanka-> India-> Singapore-> Bali-> Australia-> New Zealand-> Fiji-> Cook Islands-> Thailand-> Abu Dhabi-> Scotland.

Some of you we’ll see during our wee adventure, some we’ll see when we pop back to Abu Dhabi, and some when we’re back on home turf...

Either way, we plan to keep this blog updated as often as possible, along with a virtual map and some pics of our travels. We’re still reachable via email, so do keep in touch, let us know what you’re up to, and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Love, Lesley and Mike x

p.s. Some thank you’s should be said before we get going: To Andrew Ayton for designing our awesome blog, to Andy Utting for his stroke of genius in naming our blog, to Andy and Paula for volunteering to host our farewell party at their apartment (looking forward to it folks!), to David and Fiona for giving us a bed and a roof over our heads between leaving our apartment and getting on the plane, to Mum and Ian for volunteering to look after the moggies while we’re away (you should note that if something happens and you try to replace one, I’ll know)... So now feeling like we’re subjecting you to an over-running Oscar speech! *sniffles*

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