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December 2010

Mike's underwater snaps

Fish and other less savory things!

sunny 30 °C

Here's some underwater snaps of our wee snorkeling trips from the water villa....


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

from Paradise

sunny 30 °C


We hope you have all had an amazing day and are suitable stuffed with some yummy food in front of a fire somewhere!

We haven't had a very Christmassy Christmas-the past few days have been spent chilling in the water villa, wandering around the island or snorkelling and spending the time with lots of fishies!


Although we did have a lovely Christmas Eve Dinner last night- and I'm determined to perfect food art by next Christmas now!


Not too much to tell you, we're just having a relaxing festive season! Lots of love xxxx

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Landing in Paradise

rain 30 °C

Well, it’s official, we’ve found somewhere that’s hotter and more humid than Abu Dhabi! But despite all that, we’re thrilled as it’s been raining too! No, we’re not crazy, we just haven’t seen rain since we were back in Scotland in June- and it seems like years! We hear lots of tourists being grumpy because of the rain, but we’re really loving it! I suppose we’ll change our minds when we’re back in Scotland and it’s raining- at 10 degrees!

We arrived in Male last night which is the main island/ capital city of the Maldives.. it’s actually about a square mile in total- a bit different to what we’re used to in Abu Dhabi. The tallest buildings are about 5 storeys high, the streets are very narrow and there are mopeds everywhere! There are a few touristy shops, some shops for locals (selling bananas, Barbie dolls, t-shirts, massive swordfish and toilets in one..) but all in all, it was just a really nice place to wander.


Although, the weirdest “shop” we did see was an Acer computer shop with wooden boards on all of the windows. When we walked past, all we could hear was lots of laughter and chattering and glasses clinking- yes, in a country where they don’t even sell alcohol in hotels on the main island (it’s completely banned- probably why the airline was pushing so much on us before we landed), we found the only illicit bar! Only down side (at 10am) was that we couldn’t find the door!

Today we transferred to Paradise Island (here, everything is on it’s own wee island- the airport, resorts, water plants) where we are staying in the most amazing water villa- a wooden room on stilts where we can jump strait into the water.. needless to say, once again the rain won’t be stopping us from relaxing and playing with the fishies here! It only took Mike the time to find his snorkel before he was in the water, and we’ve already seen a reef shark swimming past!

We’ve also been told that Santa will be visiting us tomorrow at midnight- so excited he remembered where we are!

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Bye Bye Abu Dhabi!

All our bags are packed, we're ready to go..

semi-overcast 24 °C

So today is our very last day in Abu Dhabi- since we started this planning this wee adventure, it's actually come in pretty fast!

One of the last things we've done in Abu Dhabi is see the infamous 11million dollar Christmas tree in Emirates Palace- this is absolutely crazy! It's 13m tall, and is the most expensively decorated tree (even in the Guinness Book of Records- oooh), it is actually decorated with actual jewellery- lots of necklaces and earrings worth a million dollars- not too shabby!


I think we're finally ready to get going:

  • Rucksacks packed? 15kgs each for 3 months.. that's not nearly enough shoes!
  • All other worldly possessions on their way back to Scotland? ? Yup- in 125 cartons to be exact!
  • Cats at mums? Yes, after having to take it slow travelling thoughsome extreme conditions!
  • Passports/ tickets/ visas? Yes.. I think so..
  • Farewells said in Abu Dhabi? Yes- bye bye folks!
  • Letter sent to Santa so he can deliver our pressies? Ooops.. I knew we'd forgotten something..

Right, seems we're ready to get going, first stop: Maldives!

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